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The Investing Flavor

Jul 20, 2020

Hey neighbors, you are in for another great topic here on The Flavor Podcast. My guest Jacqueline Schadeck is a Certified Financial Planner here in Atlanta Georgia and has been working in finance for a few years helping clients. She believes that clients need comprehensive financial guidance in order to make the best decisions, and she has a passion for helping clients gain financial clarity.  

Our topic is focused around setting goals for investing and really any other investments you have going on in your life! During the episode we talk about how she helps high net worth clients create investing goals that are well suited to their lifestyle. The importance of goal setting and the theme of the episode becomes about why “personal finance” is personal. Without having any goals it’s easy to get lost in any type of investing!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Importance of goal setting for any type of investment
  • The process to create your own goals for investing
  • One notable trend for high net worth clients

Show Notes: