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The Investing Flavor

Oct 12, 2020

Today's episode focuses on how regular folks can become owners of their own hotel. You can own a car, a house, a multi family unit, an apartment so why not a hotel. My guest is Davonne Reaves who is president and founder of The Vonne Group, a firm specializing in travel market research, asset and operational management, and brand development for boutique hotels. Working with Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Blair Management Consultants, and Horwath HTL she managed portfolios totaling over $1B in assets. With over 14 years of experience in hotel operations, asset management, development, feasibility research and marketing she is now helping people become hotel owners. She helps hotel owners in making sound financial and innovative decisions that match their goals and identify creative approaches to develop unique concepts. Neighbors nothing is impossible in this world of our and after this episode you can add hotel ownership to that list.