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The Investing Flavor

Feb 24, 2021

The topic for this episode is the ins and outs of robo-advising. The technology is still new in the investing world but is being heavily adopted by consumers and financial advisors.

Chelsea Ransom-Cooper is a Certified Financial Planner and Managing Partner at Zenith Wealth Partners. Prior to creating Zenith Wealth Partners, Chelsea spent several years as a financial planner serving high net worth families and retirees with investment portfolios upwards of $2 million dollars. At Zenith Wealth Partners, Chelsea guides individuals, families, and business owners through the many financial decisions they face to help develop strategic financial plans that meet their present and future financial goals.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The inner workings of robo-advisors
  • Who can benefit from investing with robo-advisors whether you are brand new or an expert trader