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The Investing Flavor

Mar 31, 2021

April is the official National Financial Literacy Month and to kick it off the right way this episode is focused around credit scores and strategies to improve your score. My guest is Yanely is on a mission to help young people learn about personal finance in a fun and engaging way! After completing Teach For America, Yanely paired her love for teaching with her passion for financial literacy, creating a unique YouTube channel for people to engage with topics like budgeting, managing credit, saving and investing for retirement and more! She just hit 50K subscribers which as you all know is a major milestone. And now Yanely serves as the Director of Educational Outreach at Next Gen Personal Finance and is a member of CNBC's Financial Wellness Advisory Council.  

In this episode you'll learn:

  • How FICO calculates and analyzes credit score
  • Different strategies to increase your credit score quickly
  • How to get involved with adding financial literacy to high school curriculums