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The Investing Flavor

Jul 27, 2020

On this week episode our guest is no stranger to dividends and being in front of the camera as he has over a cool 218,000 subscribers on his youtube channel called Let’s talk money! Joseph Hogue is a financial expert and investment analyst. After serving in the Marine Corps, he started his career investing in real estate before becoming an investment analyst for some of the largest private investors. He's appeared on Bloomberg and on CNBC as an investment expert and has published ten books in personal finance. Now he helps families increase credit score and reach their financial goals with some of the same advice he used when working for the rich.

On this episode Joseph and I discuss his three company picks that are offering generous dividends. In addition, we talk about how COVID-19 has been affecting current dividend stocks and what we expect the future of the market will be over the next few months.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What are dividends and how they are taxed
  • Three companies to add on the watchlist
  • How Joseph analyzes stocks

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